I have taught courses on the undergraduate and graduate level on a broad range of topics, including European Union Politics, Canadian Politics, German Politics, Public Policy Analysis, Social Science Theories or Multilevel Governance.

At the FernUniversität in Hagen (2008-2010), I gained experience in long-distance education. I supervised various long distance courses in the BA program „Political Science and Administration“ and in the Master program „Political Science/ Governance“ on German Federalism, the Modern State and European Integration.

At Laurier, I have taught PO 264: The Practice of Politics in Canada; PO 431: State and Nation in Canada; PO 478: Social Science Theories and PO 681y: Federalism: Continuity and Change.

I am strongly committed to providing students and emerging scholars with ample opportunities to acquire and hone research and communication skills and to become part of an emerging international network of academics, policy practitioners and stakeholder organizations in the field of federalism and multilevel governance. My strategy for training students focuses on developing research experience and capacity, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration, and become practiced in the arts of publication and presentation of findings.